Continuing Professional Development

Ange Stockdale Dog Partnership: Dog Communication

BVBA Webinar: Feline Aggression

School of Canine ScienceScent 4 Six

APBC Webinar Cues, Contexts & Discrimination

Ange Stockdale Dog PartnershipPredatory behaviour & social issues

School of Canine Science30 days of canine science

Sarah Whitehead15 Shades of Play

Sarah WhiteheadRethinking Puppy Socialisation

ICB WebinarBut my dog isn’t food motivated

Behavior Works – Living & Learning with Animals for Professionals: The Fundamental Principles and Procedures of Teaching and Learning

APBC WebinarSeparation Related Behaviour

Jane ArdenStop, Come, Click: Controlling Predatory Chase

Dog Training NaturallyIntermediate Level 3 Gundog Games Workshop

Sarah FisherDog Detectives

APBC WebinarNoise Fears & Phobias

Kamal Fernandez: Reactivity: Dispelling the Myths

Dog iBoxRetrieving – the positive reinforcement gundog way

Epic Dog Training Academy: Your Border Collie & The Herding Game

Absolute DogsNaughty but Nice Tour

Chirag PatelCoaching Clinic

Dog Training NaturallyIntermediate Level 2 Gundog Games Workshop

Victoria Stilwell’s Dog Bite Conference 2017

School of Canine Science: Dog to Dog Aggression

APBC Annual ConferenceKeep Calm & Carry On

Dog Training Naturally: Intermediate Level 1 Gundog Games Workshop

Dog*TecRunning a Successful Dog Business

DogTaggs: Tracking Development

APBC WebinarTracking & the Science of Scent

DogTaggsTracking Taster

APBC WebinarAspects of Aggression & Frustration

PPG WebinarLiving with high-drive dogs in domestic situations

Dog Training NaturallyFoundation Gundog Games Workshop

Love for DogsInteractive Play Workshop theory & practical with Craig Ogilvie

Thoughtful Paws: Tellington TTouch – touches, wraps, groundwork & ‘the bucket game’

APBCCase Study Day – Cats

Animal Events UK: Interactive Canine Behaviour & Training Clinic

APBC WebinarMedication in behaviour modification

Tellington TTouchBehaviour talk with Sarah Fisher

APBC Webinar: Success with Separation anxiety

PPG WebinarReactive dogs: The Science and Art of Set-ups & Use of Live Decoy Dogs to Achieve Success

PPG WebinarPreventing feline behaviour problems

BVBA WebinarMulti-cat households

Edinburgh University CourseraDog Emotion & Cognition

APBC WebinarInterpreting Canine Body Language

Ian Dunbar UK TourTraining & Behaviour

APBC WebinarFrustration case studies

APBC WebinarTreating the patient, not the problem

APBC WebinarExotics & Ethics

Fenzi Dog AcademyMaking choices – managing prey drive

APBC WebinarDisentangling Dominance

Edinburgh University CourseraAnimal Behaviour & Welfare

Talking Dogs: Scentwork 1 & 2 practical courses

APBC WebinarBehavioural case studies

APBC WebinarThyroid & Behaviour

Patricia McConnell Webinar: Multi-Dog Households

APBC Webinar: Update on Pheromonotherapy

Think Dog Webinar: Signals of pre-emptive aggression

Gundog Clicker Training2 day practical course with Helen Phillips

Nicole Wilde Webinar: Separation Disorders

APBC Webinar: Speak Dog Stay Safe

APBC Webinar: Nutrition and Behaviour

APBC Webinar: Life Skills for Puppies

Clever Dog Company: Puppy Problems 1 day Masterclass

Learning About Dogs: 1 week practical rehabilitation workshop

APBC Annual Conference: Training and behaviour – the harmonious approach

CABTSG Study Day: Prophylactic veterinary behavioural medicine

Cooper & Co Solicitors: Dog Law

UKRCB 18th Annual Symposium: The Dangerous Dogs Act and Educational Needs of Parents, Owners and Children

2nd Canine Science Forum, Vienna: Dogs & Related Canines – from Genes through Behaviour to Society 

CABTSG Study Day: Management of repetitive behaviours in companion animals & Regulation of dog trainers and behaviourists in the UK

APBC 21st Birthday Conference: Aggression: it’s an emotional thing 

APBC Case Study Day: Observed and analysed two behaviour consultations

International Veterinary Behaviour Meeting, Edinburgh: The impact of behavioural disorders on the quality of life for both animals and owners

UKRCB 17th Annual Symposium: Dominance, Hierarchy and Structure

CABTSG Study Day: The human dimension in treating and managing companion animal behaviour problems

APBC AGM and Study Day: CEVA Animal Health – Research on Adaptil and Senilife

UKRCB 16th Annual Symposium: Constructional Aggression Treatment

APBC Make your practice behaviourally aware: Canine Aggression – handling the biting dog

CABTSG Study Day: Welfare considerations in behavioural therapy 

APBC Seminar: Canine Aggression

Bristol University Veterinary School: Firework Fears & Phobias

Behavioural Referrals Veterinary Practice: Clicker training and its application to behavioural management

Improve International: Feline Behaviour – an enriched cat is a happy cat

Bristol University Veterinary School: The Human-Animal Bond