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Dog walkers and doggy daycare

The surge in dog ownership over the Covid pandemic has largely been due to an increase in people working from home. However, now that workplaces are re-opening, many owners are concerned about leaving their dog at home for long hours (particularly owners of puppies who were obtained during lockdown and have not experienced much time left at home alone). Consequently, many owners may be thinking about doggy day care services or walkers, and a lot of new companies are emerging due to the increased demand for dog care services.   However, there’s a lot to consider in terms of whether [...]

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Puppy Biting

You’ll often read it as “play biting” but this is a gross assumption in terms of diagnosis and what is actually motivating the puppy to grab, bite or mouth. For some owners, it is a real problem. Those needle teeth hurt, for a start. It can negatively affect the bond formed from the new owner towards their puppy and can result in owners using methods the puppy finds scary or unpleasant to try to stop the behaviour. This then has a detrimental effect on the relationship from the puppy's perspective too. There are different motivations underlying puppy biting, grabbing [...]

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