First “walks” are not much of a walk at all. They generally involve the puppy watching the world go by from a safe place. I tend to introduce a very lightweight 2+ meter line at home, alongside the puppy being rewarded for staying with me as I move. The line can be used on walks if necessary, dropped acting as a dragline or held when not safe to be loose and when I want to work on loose lead walking (i.e. rewarding the puppy for ‘being with you’). I try not to let the puppy know the lead can ever be pulled against (hence why longer is better).

First walks on the lead…
I’ve introduced the collar and lead separately and numerous times at home, so that there’s no lead biting.
Little 1 minute video with some tips to prevent lead pulling from day one. My aim is to never create tension on the lead.
The subtitles aren’t in focus or easy to read but they say:
– Allowing her to sit and watch the world
– And rewarding her for voluntarily checking in with me.
– Not responding if she picks up something non-edible or non-dangerous.
– Keeping slack on the lead.
– Using a long (2.5 meter) lightweight lead