Preparing clients appropriately for firework period

(Featured in Vet Nurse Times, October 2018) Fear responses to noises are a common problem and represent a serious welfare issue for dogs. It is customary for veterinary practices to produce displays outlining advice to owners for the firework period sometime close to the season. At this stage, advice typically includes building a den, plugging in an Adaptil diffuser and ignoring the dog if it seeks attention. But how useful are these tips just a few weeks before fireworks usually begin? How can these standard instructions be adjusted to maximise success in reducing fear responses and improving coping strategies in […]

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Multi-dog households: Introducing a new dog to a home with one or more existing dogs

(Written for the International Association for the Protection & Welfare of Animals ) The initial introduction between a rescue dog or puppy to a household with an existing dog (or dogs) is so important yet is often overlooked, with the new addition being taken straight into the home to meet its new housemate(s). Everyone tends to assume all of the dogs involved will just sort themselves out. However, the reality is that the newcomer has a) just been taken away from everything familiar, b) experienced a journey of variable length, c) met new people, d) encountered an unfamiliar environment – and […]

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Ask The Expert

(Featured in February 2017 veterinary publication ‘Companion’) Fear aggression in the vet practice.   Personally I have seen how socials can make a massive difference especially in a young dog.  What is the best way to carry out a social and any top tips?    When dogs are brought into the veterinary practice they experience some or all of the following: Invasion of personal space and restraint by unfamiliar individuals; unusual and aversive smells, noises and floor surfaces; pain (either delivered to them or already in pain when they are brought in); being placed up high on a table where […]

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