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Behavioural Consultations

 Behavioural ConsultationsIf you are experiencing problems with your pet, an initial behavioural consultation will be required. All behaviour cases must be seen on referral from your vet in order to rule out any medical factors affecting your pet’s behaviour.

Included in the initial consultation, which lasts around 2 hours:

  • Discussion about the problem(s) you are having with your pet;
  • Explanation of why your pet is displaying the unwanted behaviour(s), including information about body language and communication and how animals learn;
  • Discussion about what your aims are and what the different treatment options might entail;
  • An outline of the treatment programme;
  • A written report summarising the consultation sent within one week;
  • Liaison with your referring veterinary surgeon as necessary for the specific case and a written report sent for their information and records;
  • Six months email follow-up support.

Due to coronavirus restrictions, initial consults are currently being conducted remotely. The information and training provided in the initial consultation and written report is sufficient for you to manage the problem and commence the training plan with your dog.

House visit behaviour consultations are priced from £250 for cats and rabbits, and £300 for dogs (plus additional travel fees where relevant, up to £350); remote consultations are £220 for cats and £250 for dogs. Evening consults incur an additional £30 fee. Please note I do not work weekends. Consultations are only carried out within a 15 miles radius of BS20 – we cover postcode areas BS20, BS21, BS22, BS23, BS24, BS41, BS48, BS49, BS6, BS7, BS8, BS9, BS10 & BS11. Referrals are only accepted from certain veterinary practices within these areas – please contact us to find out if we work with your veterinary practice. 

Follow-up visits will be required to help with the practical elements of the treatment plan. For dogs experiencing problems on walks, numerous sessions are likely to be advised. Previous training experience, confidence levels and severity of the problem all determine how many practical follow-up sessions are required.

Follow-up sessions are priced from £55 per hour (plus additional travel fees where relevant, up to £105) and last for around 1 hour. Thereafter all prices are rounded to the nearest half hour. Controlled sessions with other dogs are usually held in BS20/BS21.

As a full member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC), many pet insurance companies will cover the cost of behavioural treatment on veterinary referral. Please check your policy documents and contact your insurance company to clarify. Exclusions and excesses will apply. 

Problem Prevention Consultations

Problem Prevention ConsultationsProblem Prevention Consultations are designed for those getting a new dog, rabbit or cat and wanting advice, either before or just after the pet is first brought home. Alternatively, these are suitable if you are expecting a new baby and want advice about how to introduce the new member of the family to your dog, cat or house rabbit to minimise stress for everybody. A veterinary referral is not required. Information is given about how to prevent common problems arising, body language/communication and how animals learn, as well as specific information about your pet. Puppy/kitten problem prevention consults are only available up to 14 weeks of age and include email support for 2 weeks. Pre-purchase advice includes email support until the pet is brought home.

Remote pre-purchase consults cost £55. Problem prevention consults cost £100 per hour and last for around 1 hour. House visits or a full behaviour consult may be recommended if problems develop.

Adoption/fostering and school dog assessments

This service is designed to assess animals and the homes of potential adoptive parents or foster carers or school dogs.

Assessments are charged at £240 for one dog within 5 miles of BS20. Additional fees apply per dog in the household and to cover travel expenses and time for visits over 5 miles (up to 15 miles).