For Professionals

Talks & Workshops

Pet Sense conducts educational talks, demonstrations and workshops for staff and/or clients of dog training clubs, veterinary practices, rescue centres, animal charities, dog groomers, pet shops and any other pet related business. The first talk is free of charge which is presented as an overview of dog, cat or rabbit behaviour. Further talks can then be produced either tailored to a specific topic or from a library of topics, including:

  • Dog behaviour, body language & communication
  • Canine aggression
  • Dogs and Children
  • Fears & phobias in dogs
  • Separation problems in dogs
  • Inappropriate toileting in cats
  • Feline aggression
  • Cat behaviour & ethology
  • Rabbit behaviour & ethology
  • Common rabbit behaviour problems
  • A day in the life of a behaviourist

These are priced at £100 for approximately a one hour talk plus question time (inclusive of setting up/clearing away time). Prices of workshops and talks lasting longer than one hour can be discussed and will depend on requirements.

Veterinary CPD & Training

Veterinary CPD and training is available for receptionists, nurses and vets to improve behavioural awareness in the veterinary practice. These may be a one-off session, or a four or six session course (depending on the level of detail required) and can be conducted as a whole day or as lunch-and-learn sessions. Please contact me to have a chat about your specific needs and prices. The aim is to:

  • Improve management of animals with behaviour problems in the veterinary practice
  • Provide knowledge of behaviour in order to deliver emergency behavioural advice to clients
  • Understand the importance of when to refer a behaviour case and who is appropriate to refer to
  • Provide information on body language, communication and how animals learn and how this can be applied in the veterinary context
  • Emphasise the importance of problem prevention and how this can be applied to puppy and kitten consults.
  • Training of staff running puppy parties to ensure accurate advice is given and practical/observational skills are up-to-date.