Why becoming a parent has made me a better pet behaviour counsellor

I have first-hand experience of managing interactions between children & pets – it is not easy! My youngest is currently at the developmental stage I believe most pets find hardest – crawling (invading the animal’s floor space), starting to walk (wobbling), generally behaving unpredictably, cannot yet follow instructions, and absolutely fascinated by the furry 4-legged creatures – the default way to interact is to grab harshly. Introducing my first newborn to my dogs was the first challenge for me. It took months of preparation before the baby’s arrival and even then it was a fairly difficult first week. This experience […]

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Accreditations and Qualifications – what do they mean?

Currently there’s no regulation within the pet behaviour and dog training industry, so anyone can call themselves a dog trainer or pet behaviourist – and they do – without any appropriate experience or qualifications. I’m really proud of the qualifications and accreditations I’ve achieved. However, it’s difficult for the pet-owning public and co-professionals to know what to look for in a ‘pet behaviourist’. Membership of specific Associations rarely means anything, as there are Associations out there whose ethos are out-dated and potentially damaging to pets and owners.  Dog owners only have to look online for assistance and they are flooded with […]

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Children and Small Pets

There are numerous proven benefits to keeping pets in terms of child development – pets facilitate a sense of responsibility and help build self-confidence. A child’s social, emotional and cognitive development can all be encouraged by interaction with a pet. However, bringing even a small pet into the family is not a decision that should be made lightly. It first must be a commitment by the parent, not the child, as they will ultimately be responsible for the pet’s welfare.   Unfortunately, rabbits are typically regarded as a good childhood pet. However, keeping rabbits in a way that does not […]

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