Why do dogs hump?

Male or female, intact or neutered, dogs hump. They hump each other. They hump our legs. They hump cushions. Sometimes they even self-pleasure. For us, it’s embarrassing. We get awkward in social situations when our dogs decide to ‘get going’. Why do they always seem to choose these social settings to show us up? Normally, humping is simply a sign of arousal. Dogs get wound up during play and they start humping. They get anxious about children who have turned up at the house running round screaming and start humping their legs. They get stressed about the building work going […]

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Why do dogs pull on the lead… And what can I do to stop it?!

As with any problem behaviour your dog is displaying, the first step to changing the lead pulling is determining what is causing it. Is it a training problem, whereby your dog learnt as a puppy that if it pulled in a certain direction, the person on the other end of the lead followed? Is it excited about getting to an off-lead destination and therefore pulls on the way a lot more than on the way back? Is it aroused by stimuli on walks such as squirrels or cats and is constantly focused on these, whether they are present or not? […]

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