• Double-ended lead

    The double-ended clip design of the Halti training lead enables three different lead length options, as well as use on a harness with two-points of contact.
  • Out of stock
    This practical treat bag has a wide opening allowing easy access to treats, drawstring closure, separate zipped compartment for personal items, and specifically designed holders for clickers/whistles etc.
  • Longline

    A longline allows the dog to be seemingly free and yet remain under control, combining security with freedom.
  • Sale!
    This great toy can be chase, kicked, pawed and clawed to your cat's content and withstand the wears and tears of playing. Suitable for small puppies under supervision.
  • Acme Dog Training Whistle and corresponding colour lanyard, various colours, 210.5 - email rosie@pet-sense.co.uk if you have a colour preference Turquoise only in 211.5 at present
  • Slip Lead

    For Gundog training once your dog is reliably walking on a loose lead. The lead has a stainless steel stopper to prevent the lead tightening around the dog's neck. It also has a leather stopper to prevent the lead loosening. Colours vary (black, brown and green) - please message if you have a preference.
  • Clicker

    Clickers - a non-verbal marker reward signal.
  • Placeboard

    Raised platform to help with boundary training, the stop cue, heel position, body awareness, retrieve line-ups, recall, toy delivery, target training, sendaways and a multitude of other activities! COLLECTION ONLY - not available for delivery.
  • Aerodummy

    This special lightweight dummy is braided so it is soft and malleable, made with special cord that floats. It is mildew and rot resistant and can cope with salty water and lots of dog saliva without becoming slimy.  It dries quickly in comparison to other dummies and is small enough to fit into your pocket to carry around on walks. Designed with a 'long-lob' cord rather than a loop with your dogs safety in mind. The dummy is also a great item to use for scentwork. Variety of colours available - please email to specify.
  • Out of stock
    • Great training aid or for fun use
    • Rolls along the ground leaving a scent trail
    • Tennis ball size
    • White/light coloured rabbit ball helps young/inexperienced dogs see the article
  • Features include:
    • Magnetic closure for quick open/close operation
    • Roomy main compartment
    • Inside pocket with Velcro closure to separate any item you want in the main pocket
    • Two side pockets with a waste-bag dispenser feature, fits clickers, small leads and more
    • Zippered back compartment
    • Belt clip and belt loops allow you to choose multiple ways to wear your pouch
    • D-ring attachments let you attach gear with a carabiner, snaps and more
    • Roomy front pocket with Velcro closure
    • Made of durable 600 denier polyester ("backpack") material
    • Machine washable, cool or warm water. Line dry. Do not use bleach. We do not recommend putting these in the dishwasher.
    • Adjustable length web belt with quick-release buckle up to 48" (adjustable)