Bringing your new puppy home

Bringing a new puppy home is a very exciting time but it’s also important to aim to set the environment up for success from the start, with the aim of preventing potential problems from developing. Young puppies are amazingly versatile – in the space of a few hours they have to experience: – Being separated from their siblings, mum, familiar people and possibly other familiar dogs. – Being taken away from their familiar environment & scent profile and put into an alien one. – A car journey with unfamiliar people. – Introductions to new pets. – Being introduced to a collar […]

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Thinking about buying a puppy?

Buying a puppy is a long-term commitment. It’s important to research breeds and breeders thoroughly and consider what would happen if your circumstances change at any time during the dog’s lifetime. Some things to look out for in a reputable breeder: – All health tests relevant to the breed have been done in both the Sire and Dam, and they are only used for breeding if the results are acceptable. “Vet checked” does NOT mean health tested. – Kennel Club registration is not a guarantee of quality nor that the breeder is reputable. However, reputable breeders of pedigree dogs will […]

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